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Official Representative: Fred Jones
Title: President and CEO
Phone: 613-231-1110 Fax: 613-369-5097
email: fred.jones@h-a-c.ca Web Site: www.h-a-c.ca


2210 Prince of Wales Drive, Suite 502                 Nepean, ON  K2E 6Z9

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Aviation is one of the most heavily regulated industries, and your voice as an individual operator is frequently lost in Ottawa. Transport Canada and other regulatory bodies look to HAC for industry views on a broad spectrum of issues affecting your interests including Flight Time & Flight Duty Time changes, the operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Canadian Ownership Requirements, Helicopter Performance Requirements, Access to Airspace, Changes to the VFR and SVFR weather minima, to name only a very few. 

HAC’s President and CEO, Fred Jones, is an active helicopter pilot, a former Transport Canada Inspector, a former TSB Investigator and a lawyer with over 20 years of regulatory experience in Ottawa. He has an established strong working relationship with all of the players in Ottawa, including Transport Canada, the CTA, NAV CANADA, and the Transportation Appeal Tribunal. 

Faced with enforcement action looming? You feel as if you are being unfairly treated by your Regional Office? Is the TSB on your doorstep following-on an accident or incident? Confused by the maze of CARs? Fred’s advice and counsel is as close a phone call. If Fred doesn’t have the answer to your questions, he will certainly know someone who does. 

HAC’s Board is composed of seven operator-representatives, two Associate representative, and the President & CEO who is a non-voting member. Our voting Board members devote their time on a volunteer basis to provide governance and set policy for the Association. Their industry experience helps propel the Association to action on the issues affecting your interests. 

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