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In 1982, Cavalier Aviation Ltd. was created by a trusted aircraft maintenance engineer to provide aircraft services at the newly built Springbank Airport, just to the west of Calgary. He wanted to provide a higher level of service and confidence for the customers he was serving and would serve in the future. He was known to be very reliable and trustworthy and built his clientele quickly. He became a trusted partner to many aviation enthusiasts who needed the expertise of a good mechanic and mentor in the ways of aviation. He provided value throughout their aviation experience and always strived to be the best and to provide the best in service, safety standards and airworthiness he could.


Almost 30 years later, Cavalier Aviation continues to work hard to maintain the values of its founder. How do you continue to get better serving general and business aviation after 30 years of trying? You become part of general aviation’s best service networks in the world and you don’t rest on your laurels. Instead, you attack what has often become a lazy and corrupt aviation environment with quality assurance systems that are worthy of the best GA manufacturer in the world. You don’t rest until you have uncovered the root of the problem and come up with the best fix possible. You promote yourself based on the truth instead of on unsubstantiated claims of perfection.

Springbank Air Training College is a part of the Cavalier Aviation group of companies.

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