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Official Representative: David H Kay
Title: President
Phone: 514-831-4241 Fax:514-695-0236
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143 Stillview Avenue                                 Pointe Claire, QC    H9R 2X9

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Independent Canadian Sales Representative with the ability to supply new & used Ground Support equipment such as JBT Air Starts, GPU's & Power Carts, Coldbuster Aircraft Heaters, JBT Heater Coolers, Accessair Air Stairs, Baggage Carts,Charlatte Tractors,Container & Pallet  Dollies, Slave Pallets & Storage Racks,  Belt Loaders, Container Loaders, Glycol Recovery Units, Premier Deicers ,Skyko Ground Power Cables, Spare Parts, Start Pac Battery Starters , Satco ULD's and Kietek ULD Handling Systems.


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