Falko Regional Aircraft Ltd.


Membership Class: Associate Member Since: 2014


Official Representative: Stuart Begg
Title:  VP - Sales & Marketing
Phone:  +44 7793 422362 Fax:  44 01707 255555
email:  stuart.begg@falko.com Web Site:  www.falko.com


1 Bishop Square, St Albans Road West

Hatfield, Hertfordshire  AL10 9NE


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Falko was formed in July 2011 when funds managed by Fortress Investment Group completed the purchase of BAE Systems Asset Management and its associated aircraft portfolio. 

Falko has a clear growth strategy and intends to continue to expand the business and grow the value of assets under management. It is globally positioned to offer comprehensive asset management solutions to the aviation industry with offices in Europe, Asia, South America and Australasia from which our extensive experience and expertise can be deployed across all regions of the world.

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