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Official Representative Norm Matheis
Title:                             Regional Manager, Canada
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Universal Avionics Systems Corporation is a leading manufacturer of innovative avionics systems for business aircraft, helicopters and regional and mainline commercial air carriers. The company offers advanced avionics for NATA’s commercial operators who seek the benefit of operational efficiencies through investment in technology.

Located in Tucson, Arizona, Universal Avionics’ headquarters are strategically located near Tucson International Airport to support the company’s intensive flight test activities. Concentrated with headquarters on the 12.9-acre campus are the company’s sales, marketing and customer support divisions, one of our company repair stations as well as a 65,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing centre. 

Vital research and development activities are carried out at two locations in the United States. Situated in the high-tech corridor of Redmond, Washington, is the hub for research, development, engineering and design activities for Universal’s FMS, TAWS, synthetic vision, aviation recorder and communication products. A second facility in Duluth, Georgia focusses on cockpit displays and sensors.

A Universal Avionics focus is on providing avionics and mission solutions for air operations in remote regions.  Universal Avionics has been fortunate to have products selected by NATA CAR 704 and CAR 705 operators. Northern requirements are addressed with WAAS and LPV approach-capable Flight Management Systems, which also form the core of solutions to meet the U.S. ADS-B Out mandate coming at the end of 2019, affecting all NATA member carriers who operate in U.S. airspace.

A typical day on the ramp at CYZF or CYXY sees aircraft including ATR-42/72s, AVRO RJs, Q400s and B737s.  In common is they have a Universal Avionics WAAS-SBAS Flight Management Systems as the core of the flight deck.

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