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Western Avionics is Canada’s largest avionics and instruments support facility. Clearly one of the country’s most modern and well-equipped facilities, Western offers a full complement of diversified avionics services, including the purchase and sale of new and used avionics, equipment, parts; equipment overhaul; retrofit and new aircraft installations; MRP (Mobile Repair Personnel) services, and specialized manufacturing.

The company is a factory-authorized service and warranty center for all major avionics manufacturers. The roster reads like a proverbial Who’s Who among the top firms. It includes such well-established and respected names as Aspen, Avidyne, Becker Avionics, Bendix/King, BF Goodrich, Collins, Garmin, Honeywell, L3 Communications, Northern Airborne Technology, S-TEC to name a few.

The company’s licensed aircraft maintenance engineers and avionics technicians routinely repair and overhaul the widest range of avionics products, from simple navigation/communication systems in private single-engine aircraft to the latest long-range navigation or flight recorder equipment used in the newest corporate jet, or airliner. As one would expect, all service and installation projects performed by Western Avionics include in-depth documentation.

Western Avionics is a full-service facility, repairing most makes of avionics and instruments. We have specialized shops for Flight Control Systems, CVRs, Flight Instruments, Gyroscopes, and Radar. Further, we are approved for CVR Intelligibility Analysis. We are a warranty-repair center and distributor for all major brands and products, including GPS navigation systems.

Western also carries a large inventory of used, overhauled, and serviceable units, including many hard-to-find discontinued pieces. In order to replenish the stock of used inventory, Western regularly purchases used equipment from a variety of sources.

The company’s extensive loaner and rental spare parts pool consists of VHF transceivers, radar systems, navigation systems, inertial navigation computers, flight recorders, an extensive selection of electronic and electromechanical flight instruments, and more.

Indicative of the dedication to quality prevalent throughout the company is the high standard of service & support our current customers receive.

If you haven’t already, we urge you to consider giving the team at Western Avionics a chance to help with all your Avionics needs.

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