Merlyn Carter


Membership Class Honor Roll
 1934 - 2005




Tragically killed by a bear at his beloved fishing camp Merlyn first earned his pilot's licence in 1954. After buying his first Cessna 180 on floats a few years later, he never flew as captain of an aircraft he did not own Merlyn had accomulated over 25,000 hours flying in the North.

He'd moved to the North in his teens from his home in Meadow Lake, Sask., when his father expanded his commercial fish-buying business. In 1963, Carter set up his own commercial aviation business, which at one time operated seven planes. Alongside his aviation business he ran several sport fishing camps that were only accessible by air, sitting hundreds of kilometres from the nearest roads. 

Merlyn and his wife and partner in the business, Jean Carter, had been honoured by the NATA for their 50 years of service in the aviation industry. "I did all the flying and Jean did all the work," he told the audience at the time. Jean Carter is also a NATA Honorary Life Member.

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