Villers Air Services Ltd.


Membership Class: Operator Member Since2002


Official Representative: Peter Villers
Title: President
Phone: 250-774-2072 Fax: 250-774-6182
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PO Box 328, 170 Bell Road                      Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0 

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Villers Air Services Ltd was established in 1977 by J.A. (Steve) Villers. Steve originally came to Ft Nelson in 1958 and owned and Operated Northern Air Services from 1959 to 1971. After a few years of contract flying he was talked into getting back into business and Villers Air Services was created. 

Peter joined his father in 1978 and along with his wife Vicky purchased the company from Steve & Pat in 1990. Steve & Pat still reside in Fort Nelson however try and spend at least a month in the sun during the winters.  

Over the years Villers Air Services has grown from a Piper Seneca and Bellanca Citabria, to a Cessna Grand Caravan, Piper Navajo, Britten Norman Islander, Beech Baron and a Cessna 206. 

The Grand Caravan's quiet turbine engine makes it very enjoyable for all passengers. The large cargo door is excellent for oversized items, and medevacs. 

The varied fleet allows us to carry up to 9 passengers or freight into small mountain airstrips or down to larger centers like Edmonton, Calgary or almost anywhere else you can think of. 

With cruising speeds of around 200 mph for the Navajo's and Baron your travel time from Fort Nelson to downtown Edmonton is approximately 2 hrs 45 minutes. 

Give us a call, we would welcome the opportunity to a part of your future travel plans.

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